The first clock with a linear equation of time




Its History


Astro was first a school project in order to graduate from my BMA (Brevet des métiers d’arts) at the Paris Diderot technological school.

When I was working on the R&D of the watch I had the idea to linearize it and then to add a few more complications. I then had my degree and I presented Astro to the Young talent competition hosted by the AHCI and FP Journe.

It won the award and was unveiled at Baselworld 2016 during a press conference.

This clock gave me the strength and confidence to launch my own brand and TL Watchmaking was born.




The movement

Caliber : PDP 00P.

Escapement : Anchor and pendulum.

Jewels : none.

Power reserve : 8 days.

Accuracy : +/- 30 seconds per day

The complications

They’re no less than 7!

Apart from displaying hours and minutes, Astro also chimes

Obviously, it has the linear equation of time, an annual calendar with seasons, months, day, solstices and equinoxes, zodiac sign and it had a GMT ring on top of the globe

The case

Astro is 360mm wide and 360mm high.

The case is in cherry wood

The dial is sand blasted brass at the center and circular brushed on the outer ring

The indexes are polished brass and polished stainless steel

The hands feature our exclusive design at TL Watchmaking® and are made of steel with embossed brass in it.














How to buy ASTRO


TL WATCHMAKING offers Astro for sale

  • Dial specifications are to be defined with the buyer
  • The equation of time cam is to be made for the buyer’s location

Astro can be ordered online by filling the form or by contacting tl-watcmaking by e-mail:




As soon that we received your form, we’ll send you a work order with details on it such as:

  • the final specifications of the dial and hands,
  • price, including taxes,
  • our selling policies,
  • payment method,
  • estimated delivery time,
  • Delivery and insurance details,

Delivery and insurance are included.

Price starting at 8000€ (VAT included)