Solutions for professionals

At the workshop, I also provide solutions for professionals. I will be glad to share my skills in watchmaking, designing, manufacturing, CAD, and 3D printing. Brands can also contact me for consulting, whether your brand is new or needs a boost.

Computer-aided design work

I use CAD softwares for 3D modeling work. These 3D renderings will allow you to visualize your watchmaking project and assess its effectiveness. Prototypes can be made thanks to this,either in plastic or in the metal!

3D printing

In order to assess the real-life rendering of your parts in a short time, you can count on our 3D printer. It also makes  possible to design fixtures, specific movement holders and other useful tools to facilitate certain tasks.

Parts design

TL-Watchmaking has many machines and unique know-how. You will be able to benefit the expertise as well as subcontracting for your projects.

TL-Watchmaking se tient à votre disposition pour toute demande d’information complémentaire. Et si votre projet n’est pas évoqué ci-dessus, contactons-nous pour échanger sur une solution adaptée.

Let's talk

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