The main lines

My journey in R&D started 2014, when to graduate from my Brevet des Métiers d’Arts, I was asked to add an equation of time on a Chimney clock. At that time, I was doing an internship with a watchmaker, and my main task was to describe how each complication of a well-known astronomical clock works. I took inspiration from these complications to add a little complexity to my equation of time clock, and it gave Astro.

I made by hand all the components  (apart from the engraving on the dial) using only a Hauser M1, and a Schaublin 102. Since then on, my desire was to make as many components as possible in an artisanal way, thanks to this kind of machines and it is with this idea in mind that I designed my first watch movement, the TL01.


Astro was made between 2014 and 2015, and received a small update in 2019. Thanks to her, I was able to exhibit my work at Baselworld, on the AHCI booth, a dream for me who always wanted to work for an independent watchmaker.

Model 1

After exhibiting Astro at the Basel fair, I started working on my watch. The Astro design was based on an old watch design I imagined back in 2010, and the Model 1 is based on Astro, so the two-tone hands and the crownless case at are two ideas that I thought of at the very beginning of my passion for watchmaking.


This is the movement that equips  the Model 1 and the other watches that will come after it.

It was designed to require as little milling as possible, and because it is handcrafted, the mainplate is does not have unnecessary holes, making this caliber versatile.

It is derived from the 649X-2 because I am not equipped well enough to make the pinions or the escapement. Until I find the machines that allow me to do this in the workshop, I will only use the jewels, the barrel spring of the 649X-2 and its escapement.


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