The idea of Astro originates from a school project to obtain my Brevet des Métiers d’Art.

During the Research and Development phase of the project, I imagined linearizing the equation of time, then adding complications. It allowed me to validate my diploma and to take part in the “Young Talent” competition organized by the Watch Academy of Independent Creators (AHCI) and F.P. Journe in 2016. Astro and I won this contest. My linear equation of time clock was revealed during a press conference at the Baselworld event of the 2016 edition. This award as well as the achievement of Astro gave me the motivation to create my own company. Thanks to Astro, TL-Watchmaking was born.



The movement

Come over to discover its characteristics

The movement

Movement : PDP 00P

Escapement : anchor and pendulum

Jewels : None

Power reserve : 8 Days

Accuracy : +/- 30 seconds per day


Come over to discover its characteristics


In addition to displaying the hours and minutes, Astro, based on a centuries-old chimney clock movement, strikes the hours and half hours.

It has of course the linear equation of time, an annual calendar with display of the seasons, the month, the day, the solstices / equinoxes, the zodiac sign and has a ring on its globe to keep the time anywhere in the world.

Its power reserve is 8 days.

The case

Come over to discover its characteristics

The case

Astro is 360mm large and 360mm tall.

The cabinet is in cherry wood.

The dial is in sandblasted brass in the center, circular brushed on the edge.

The indexes are in polished stainless steel and brass.

The hands are made with steel and brass, a bi-material assembly exclusive to my brand.

TL-Watchmaking offers you to acquire Astro’s little sisters.

You will be able to customize the dial. The cam of the equation of time is adapted to the location desired by the acquirer. I can also design and develop other complications (sidereal time, moon phase, etc.).

For more information, you can contact me using the form.

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